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As firearm injury rates continue to increase, there is a great need for data-driven solutions. For serious public health problems, such as motor vehicle crashes, our nation has turned to scientific evidence to prevent injuries, and firearms should be no different. But the current amount of federal funding for firearms research is minuscule when compared to other top causes of death.

Much more can be done to address this problem, and so through the Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention, the University of Michigan is uniquely positioned to harness research, scholarship and community partnerships to inform policies that better protect people.

Top causes of child/teen death and relevant federal funding for research: 2008-2017
Cause of death Deaths Research funding
1. Motor Vehicle Crash 33,577 $877.5 Million
2. Firearm Injury 20,719 $12.3 Million
3. Cancer 17,111 $3.3 Billion

Source: Health Affairs, Federal Funding For Research On The Leading Causes Of Death Among Children And Adolescents