2023 - 2024, Active

Examining the Associations Between Housing and Gun Violence in the Detroit Metropolitan Area

Affiliated Project

The study will examine the relationship between housing instability factors and firearm violence in the Detroit Metropolitan Area through secondary data gathering and analysis. This work will allow housing and firearm injury prevention researchers to better understand what community-level factors lead to increased firearm violence and design equitable solutions.


A growing body of evidence supports that unstable housing, among other community-level factors, can impact rates of firearm violence. Utilizing available secondary data sources on housing and firearm violence, the study team will examine the relationship between housing instability and firearm violence across the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Factors such as tenure, housing sale transactions, evictions and foreclosure will characterize housing instability. Firearm violence data will be gathered from the Gun Violence Archive and FBI Uniform Crime Reports. Taken together, the study team will then examine the relationship between housing instability and firearm violence. This work will serve as evidence for a larger, R01 grant with important implications for housing policy.

Project Team

Roshanak Mehdipanah, PhD


Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention, Office of the VP of Research, University of Michigan


U-M Housing Solutions for Health Equity

The Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics