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23 May, 2023

Updated firearm injury prevention bills signed into law: UM expert discusses

New laws that strengthen safe storage of firearms and background checks on purchasers go into effect in early 2024 and are considered the most significant changes to gun safety measures in Michigan in nearly 30 years. A few weeks after these bills were signed into law, legislators sent a new proposed law to Governor Gretchen […]

23 May, 2023

For Kids, Mental Trauma From Gun Injury Far Exceeds That of Car Crashes

Firearm injuries traumatize children, saddling them with mental health issues that include stress disorders and drug or alcohol use, according to a new study. In all, 35% of kids injured by firearms receive a new mental health diagnosis in the following year, the research found. That compares to a 26% rate of mental health diagnoses that follows […]

23 May, 2023

Livingston County leaders vote to become ‘constitutional county’

Leaders in Livingston County are vowing not to put any public resources behind enforcing restrictions on firearm ownership, declaring themselves a “constitutional county” as Michigan legislators advance statewide firearm safety reforms. Dr. April Zeoli speaks with the Detroit Free Press about these declarations and what they mean for communities. Dr. Zeoli also spoke with MLive […]

19 May, 2023

Determining safety mechanisms and procedures to implement in schools

Multiple school districts in Michigan have implemented a backpack ban in recent months, including Grand Rapids Public Schools and Flint Community Schools. Dr. Justin Heinze speaks with The New York Times about these strategies, and others, and the difficulties in determining which firearm violence and community prevention efforts are data-driven and effective. Other media mentions […]

18 May, 2023

Costs for firearm-related injuries – who is responsible?

While data for the cost of mass shooting-related injuries is limited, the treatment for health care tied to gun violence totals billions each year, drawing on public and private insurance ultimately paid by the nation’s taxpayers and employers, experts say. Dr. Patrick Carter spoke with ABC News about financial toll firearm injuries can take on […]

16 May, 2023

Extreme risk protection orders assist in preventing mass shooting events, study shows

Extreme risk protection orders, also known as red flag laws, can help prevent firearm injury events, including multiple victim/mass shootings, by addressing the threat prior to an event occurring, according to new research led by the University of Michigan. A study by U-M’s Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention, in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of […]

25 Apr, 2023

Center for American Progress Report on Firearm Violence in Michigan

Read the 2022 CAP report on gun violence in Michigan, produced in partnership with Progress Michigan, for more information about the initial steps the state has taken toward gun safety. This report highlights additional opportunities for Michigan policymakers to improve public safety through the enactment of popular and proven policies that many other states have […]

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