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20 Feb, 2024

Media Mention: How will experts measure effectiveness of Mich.’s new safe storage laws?

The new storage law, which went into effect Feb. 13, is part of several new legal strategies being used in Michigan to help stem gun violence as firearm-related injuries have become the leading cause of death for children and adolescents in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Now, concrete […]

14 Feb, 2024

Media Mention: Michigan’s red flag law takes effect

Michigan joined 20 other states, plus the District of Columbia, to enact an Extreme Protection Order law, this week. It’s also known as a red flag law. If a person is found to be at risk of harm to themselves or others with a gun, a red flag law can help disarm that person. Dr. […]

14 Feb, 2024

Higher homicide rates in Central America, Caribbean coincide with increase in US firearm manufacturing

When the United States manufactures and imports more firearms, firearm homicide rates in Central American and Caribbean countries also increase, a study led by University of Michigan researchers found. The link between increased availability of firearms and deadly violence in other parts of the world highlights the potential international repercussions of greater firearm availability from […]

14 Feb, 2024

Podcast Series: Understanding Firearm-Related Injury and School Violence

In this podcast interview series, presented by the National Center for School Safety, experts will discuss topics such as youth suicide prevention, anonymous reporting systems, and community engagement. Listeners will gain a broad understanding of the intersection of school safety strategies and firearm-related injury. Click here to learn more. Stay tuned for each episode’s release […]

12 Feb, 2024

Media Mention: Michigan latest state to enforce new firearm laws meant to lessen injuries, deaths

Michigan’s new gun laws take effect Feb. 13, ushering in opportunities to prevent injuries and deaths. In this video, University of Michigan researcher April Zeoli of the Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention explains the implementation of the new laws and their effects on suicide, homicide, and gun violence against children, law enforcement officers and intimate partners. The […]

08 Feb, 2024

Engineering students needed for a Design Jam as part of a research study about the disposal of unwanted firearms

Friday, February 16th from 1:00pm – 7:00pm U-M’s Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention is recruiting individuals to participate in a research study (HUM00237590) about the availability and convenience of resources to dispose of unwanted firearms. This study will assist in the development of firearm disposal prototypes that can be installed and secured in public places. […]

07 Feb, 2024

Media Mention: Parental Firearm Responsibility

Dr. April Zeoli speaks with NPR about what the research shows regarding child access prevention (CAP) laws Dr. Marc Zimmerman speaks with Detroit News about the importance of reporting when someone is in crisis and has access to a firearm

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