Evidence-Based Programs for Communities

The Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention has developed a range of evidence-based programming that has been proven to reduce and prevent the cycle of violence that can lead to firearm injuries. Preventing and reducing firearm injuries require multi-faceted evidence-based approaches, and here you will find information about implementing these programs in your community. 


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SafERteens is an evidence-based youth violence prevention intervention for clinical settings. It is a brief intervention that is conducted 1:1 with youth. This program has been shown to reduce youth violence up to 12 months post intervention.

Youth Empowerment Solutions (YES)

Youth Empowerment Solutions is an evidence-based curriculum that is based on the theory of youth empowerment and community engagement. The YES program has been shown to increase psychological empowerment and responsible decision making, and decrease aggressive and delinquent behavior.

Picture of People Painting Colorful Mural on a Brick Wall in a City

Vacant Lot Greening

This program works with and supports communities in caring for properties in their neighborhoods by mowing, planting gardens, and doing other “greening” activities. This work has been shown to have beneficial effects on the heath and safety of communities.