Safe Firearm Storage Toolkit

Safe firearm storage involves storing firearms unloaded, separate from ammunition, and locked through a variety of methods. This decreases unauthorized access to firearms and ammunition, reducing intentional and unintentional firearm-related injuries and deaths among children and others. 

This toolkit is a collection of resources covering general information on safe firearm storage methods as well as specific information on safe storage laws in Michigan and other states. This toolkit also provides guidance for healthcare professionals, schools, and families on how to implement safe storage practices in their communities.

Michigan’s Firearm Safety Laws

In 2023, Michigan passed a series of comprehensive firearm safety laws in the wake of the Oxford High School and Michigan State University shootings. These laws include an extreme risk protection order (ERPO, or red-flag) law, a safe storage law, an updated background check law, and a domestic violence misdemeanor firearm possession ban.

On this page, find a list of resources and information regarding each of these laws and laws like them, what they do, what they require, and how to practice firearm safety in the state of Michigan.

Extreme Risk Protection Order Toolkit

Extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs), also known as red flag orders, are another tool to prevent firearm violence, including mass shootings, suicides, and firearm assaults.

This toolkit is a collection of resources from various organizations covering general information on ERPOs as well as specific information on how and when to use ERPOs. This toolkit also provides guidance on how to implement ERPO policies and protocols in healthcare settings, schools, and beyond.

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