Michigan’s Firearm Safety Laws

In 2023, Michigan passed a series of comprehensive firearm safety laws in the wake of the Oxford High School and Michigan State University shootings. These laws include an extreme risk protection order (ERPO, or red-flag) law, a safe storage law, an updated background check law, and a domestic violence misdemeanor firearm possession ban.

Below, find a list of resources and information regarding each of these laws and laws like them, what they do, what they require, and how to practice firearm safety in the state of Michigan.

Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO)

In May 2023, Michigan passed its Extreme Risk Protection Order law, effective February 13, 2024.
An Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO), also known as a Red Flag order, is a civil court order that temporarily prohibits individuals who pose a danger to themselves or others from purchasing and possessing firearms.

In this section, find a series of resources which explain what ERPOs are, how they work, the evidence base for ERPOs, and frequently asked questions about ERPOs. Also in this section is the Extreme Risk Protection Order Toolkit, a comprehensive guide offering general information about ERPOs, how the Michigan ERPO law works, and implementation measures for individuals and community organizations.

Safe Storage

Michigan’s safe storage law requires firearm owners to safely store their firearms when a minor is or is likely to be present. 
This law is intended to protect children from injuries or death due to unintended access to firearms. These types of safe storage laws are also called Child Access Prevention, or CAP, laws.

In the resources below, learn more about Michigan’s safe storage law, what you need to do to follow the law, and learn about common safe storage methods.

Background Checks and Purchasing Licenses

Michigan’s new firearm background check law requires obtaining purchasing licenses, subject to background checks, for all firearm purchases. 

This law is intended to prevent purchases by those who are prohibited from obtaining firearms.

In the documents in this section, learn more about Michigan’s background check law, how these types of laws work in general, and what research says about their effectiveness.

For more information on Michigan’s new firearm background check law, visit https://www.gtcountymi.gov/2438/Register-a-Firearm.


Domestic Violence Firearm Possession Ban

On November 20, 2023, Michigan updated its criminal code to prevent anyone convicted of misdemeanor or felony domestic violence from obtaining a firearm.
This law is intended to protect the lives of domestic violence and abuse victims, who are disproportionately more likely to be killed if their abuser has access to a firearm.

In the documents in this section, learn more about Michigan’s updated law and the evidence which supports the need for the removal of firearms in domestic violence cases.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

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