Earlier this week, members of the Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center (MI-YVPC) hosted and participated in the first annual Youth Learning Exchange event in Washington, D.C. The Exchange brought together youth advisory board members from Muskegon, MI and Washington, D.C. to learn more about firearm violence prevention and begin planning for collaborative projects and campaigns.

While at the event, attendees visited the The White House Office for Gun Violence Prevention, participated in an interpersonal violence prevention training at Children’s National Hospital, took part in a prevention scavenger hunt on the National Mall and joined the “Game Changers” podcast for an episode in honor of National Youth Violence Prevention Week.

The MI-YVPC brings together researchers, practitioners, and local community partners to develop and build evidence for promising youth violence prevention initiatives. The center also includes projects from the Institute and University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Listen to the podcast, which highlights how youth are exposed to firearm violence, the risk factors that contribute to the issue in their communities, and the ways they are working to prevent it: https://myumi.ch/N6XwW