Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention & Clinical Psychology Candidate Job Talk

Photo of Dan Capron

Dr. Dan Capron

Associate Professor
University of Southern Mississippi

Thursday, February 24, 2022
1-2pm: Presentation
2-2:30pm: Q&A


Dr. Capron’s research broadly speaking focuses on firearm suicide prevention and amelioration of suicide-related cognitive biases using single-session interventions that eliminate structural and cultural barriers to treatment. He will discuss a very brief firearm means safety intervention with firearm owning National Guard service members. Next, he will present working integrating behavioral economics nudges to leverage more universal cognitive biases (not just those associated with cognitive models of psychopathology), to increase treatment seeking and firearm means safety among individuals at elevated risk for suicide. Lastly, he will discuss technological approaches to firearm suicide prevention: smartphone-delivered interventions, virtual/augmented reality, and a laboratory based experimental paradigm using shooting simulators.