Michigan has passed an astounding amount of gun violence prevention legislation in 2023: universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, safe storage, and protections for domestic violence survivors. Now, the hard work of implementing those laws begins.

The main focus of the summit is to share best practices and challenges of how these new laws can be implemented effectively and equitably. We are bringing together national and local experts to explore these questions from a variety of perspectives.

The event will take place from 10 AM – 3:30 PM on January 29 & 30 via Zoom

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Panel discussions will include:

Domestic violence: Strategies for providers and advocates to utilize the new extreme risk protection order and survivor protection laws.

Law enforcement: What are the best policies and procedures for the new gun laws, including relinquishment, extreme risk protection orders, and domestic violence protections?

Health Care: How can health care providers integrate gun violence prevention into their practice? There will be a focus on emergency and pediatric settings.

Youth: How can youth advocate that their schools promote safe storage and implement equitable extreme risk protection order policies?

-Suicide preventionHow can safe storage and extreme risk protection orders prevent suicide attempts?

Schools and Educators: How can schools promote safe storage and implement the new extreme risk protection order law? School counselors and safety officers are eligible extreme risk protection order reporters.

-Community Violence Intervention: How are the new community violence intervention programs proceeding? How can these programs be supported and expanded?

-Community Activism: How can grassroots leaders get involved as leaders or community educators?

The 2024 Gun Violence Prevention Summit is co-sponsored by End Gun Violence Michigan, the University of Michigan Firearm Injury Prevention Institute, the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions, and the Joyce Foundation.

Attendees can view the recorded sessions here (note: must have Zoom log in from event)

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