2023 - 2024, Active

Michigan School Safety Initiative

Institute Project

Through expert-led trainings, technical assistance, and additional resources, the Michigan School Safety Initiative (MSSI) provides comprehensive and accessible support to the Michigan school safety community to address today’s school safety challenges. MSSI serves Michigan’s nearly 900 public schools and about 1.4 million students.


The Michigan School Safety Initiative (MSSI) is focused on collaborating with Michigan schools to provide training and technical assistance to improve school safety and prevent violence, including school shootings. Through the implementation of evidence-based programs and comprehensive approaches, we aspire to help schools create environments where all students and staff thrive by feeling safe physically, socially and psychologically. 

Our services are designed to promote awareness of evidence-based school safety practices in the areas of violence prevention, response and recovery. By providing Michigan school communities with a variety of choices, they can select and adapt the practices most suitable to their specific needs and contexts. We offer technical assistance, as well as additional support services for implementation, capacity building, and evaluation in order to help schools launch and sustain effective safety protocols. Our resources are provided in multiple formats and are free to anyone interested in school safety in the state of Michigan.

Our team is composed of leaders in education, criminal justice, mental health, psychology, and public health with expertise in school safety research and practice. 

Email schoolsafety@umich.edu to request technical assistance and learn more about our resources and support services.

More information at the Michigan School Safety Initiative website.

Project Team

Justin Heinze, PhD
Marc Zimmerman, PhD
Hsing-Fang Hsieh, PhD, MPH
Patrick Carter, MD
Sarah Stilwell, PhD


State of Michigan