Homicide Risk Screening

There are a number of factors that are conducive to a patient having a higher risk of committing assault and/or homicide. Possession of or ability to acquire firearms is a significant risk factor; in 2021, 81% of U.S. murders involved a firearm. If a patient has a high risk of acting on homicidal intent, filing an ERPO petition is one strategy for a clinician to employ to minimize homicide risk.

These clinical resources provide a number of guidelines, sample questions, and checklists when screening patients for access to firearms and homicide risk.

The SaFETy score is a 4-item score based on clinically feasible questionnaire items and is associated with firearm violence.

This chart, created by the Centers for Disease Control, assigns a patient’s degree of immediate danger to others based on a number of typical indicators of risk.


This article from the Clinical Social Work Association provides an outline for a risk assessment for homicide as well as suicide.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

If you are experiencing a crisis, please text or call 988.

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