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The National Center for School Safety: Expanding a comprehensive TTA approach to build capacity and sustainability for school violence prevention nationwide

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The FY 2019 STOP School Violence Training and Technical Assistance Program seeks to improve school safety by providing TTA and other support to awardees under two programs: BJA STOP Prevention Training and Response to Mental Health Crisis, BJA STOP Technology and Threat Assessment Solutions for Safer Schools, and COPS Office STOP School Violence Prevention. The NCSS’ goal is to develop a technical assistance delivery model and knowledge base for communities seeking to improve school safety. The program provides nationwide TTA to school districts, public safety agencies, and communities, to prevent school violence as prescribed in the responsibilities outlined in the STOP School Violence Act. With renewed funding in 2023, the NCSS is expanding its services and resources. This includes a greater number of in-person training sessions, the establishment of more peer networks and communities of practice, the expansion of expert groups, and more. To learn more, read the official press release here.


Ensuring safety for all students and the school community requires a comprehensive, multisectoral, and equitable approach incorporating evidence-based (EB) practices tailored to local needs. The National Center for School Safety (NCSS) will continue to increase capacity of current and future STOP School Violence Program grantees to adapt, implement, evaluate, and sustain EB and equitable school safety programs and serve as a resource for school safety best practices to the field nationwide. The NCSS will work in partnership with an expansive multidisciplinary network of public health, education, law enforcement, mental health, and equity practitioners and researchers with expertise in twelve focal areas of school safety. The TTA plan is tailored to meet grantees’ needs and includes: proactive TA with evaluation and communications support, specialized support on risk assessments, reporting systems, and threat assessment; comprehensive toolkits, videos, webinars, guides; in-person trainings, communities of practice, peer-to-peer site visits, and sequential learning paths; and annual grantee conferences, specialized TTA provider meetings, and expert convenings to discuss trends, emerging issues, and share lessons learned with grantees, BJA, and the field. These activities will be informed by annual needs assessments with special consideration of subgroups, BJA input, and rigorous evaluation to ensure services and resources are meeting the needs of grantees and communities served.

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Project Team

Justin Heinze, PhD
Marc Zimmerman, PhD
Hsing-Fang Hsieh, PhD, MPH
Lisa Wexler, PhD
Cynthia Ewell Foster, PhD
Sarah Stilwell, PhD


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