US Firearm-Related Mortality: National, State, and Population Trends, 1999–2017

Goldstick, J. E., Zeoli, A., Mair, C., & Cunningham, R. M. (2019). US firearm-related mortality: National, state, and population trends, 1999–2017. Health Affairs, 38(10), 1646-1652.


Nationwide firearm-related mortality rates increased in 2015-17 after remaining relatively stable in 1999-2014. Recent increases are reflected across most states and demographics to varying degrees, which suggests a worsening epidemic of firearm mortality that is geographically and demographically broad. In both time periods the fractions of firearm deaths due to suicide and homicide remained consistent.

Keywords: Epidemiology; Firearm; Health policy; Mortality; Mortality rates; Violence.